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These Terms & Conditions form an agreement between you (the Buyer) and Arthurs Publishing (the Publisher). Any diverging of the agreements, in particular contradictory general terms and conditions by the purchaser, are subject to the Publisher's express written agreement.

The Publisher reserves the right to modify, alter, or add services at any time and without prior notice. 

General Terms of Payment and Delivery (Including Cancellation Policy ) Concerning the Book and Course Training Sector of Arthurs Publishing

I. General Terms

Prices are quoted in US, including value-added tax, unless otherwise stipulated.

Quotations and services as well as any other statements or agreements shall be binding for the Publisher only if made in writing or confirmed by the Publisher.

Claims concerning goods delivered shall be made known in writing by the purchaser within eight days from receipt of electronic or physical item. Any claim must include the date and the relevant invoice.

II. Delivery

Electronic goods will be delivered via a link immediately upon purchase unless otherwise indicated by Publisher on the Order Form. Physical goods (such as signed paperback copies or swag) will be delivered within four (4) weeks of your order unless otherwise indicated by Publisher on the Order Form. Publisher shall not be liable for any delays, loss or damage in transit. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the parties, the Physical Goods shall be delivered to Buyer from Publisher's warehouse. Publisher shall arrange for shipment of the Physical Goods to Buyer’s desired location using Publisher's standard methods for packaging and shipping such Physical Goods and such shipping costs are included in the cost of the Physical Goods. Publisher shall be responsible for all loading costs and provide equipment and labor reasonably suited for receipt of the Physical Goods at the Delivery Point.

For electronic goods, delivery of MOBI and EPUB shall be made via direct link. A backup link for access to the files in Bookfunnel will also be provided.

III. Title and Risk of Loss. 

For physical goods, delivery will be made from Publisher's Warehouse. Title and risk of loss passes to Buyer when the carrier accepts the goods for transport.

IV. Return Policy

No returns.