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Make It Marriage

All books in the Make It Marriage Universe are standalones. Each novel can be read on its own. Feel free to start with whichever novel you'd like and go forward and back.

Recommended Reading Order:


  1. Be My Always (Brendon and Kayla)
  2. Be My Forever (Troy and Venus)
  3. Be My Darling (Matt and Amina)
  4. Be My Lady (MIM Short) (Micah and Savisha)
  5. Be My Light (Lucas and Ina)
  6. Be My Spark (Jonas and Nellie
  7. Be My Wife (Brogan and Elizabeth)
  8. Be My Hope (Brett and Tierra)
  9. Be My Bride (Hansley and Asia)
  10. Be My Compass (Kastle and Kaelyn)
  11. Be My Reason (Heath and Brenna)
  12. Be My Baby (Chance and Tori)
  13. Be My Revenge (Nick and Gem)

Make It Marriage Holidays

  1. Be My Christmas Treat (Mave and Clark)
  2. Be My New Year's Dream (Lev and Atlas)
  3. Be My Valentine Promise (Bear and Cynthia)

Billionaire Dads

  1. Grumpy Romance (Kenya and Alistair)
  2. Surly Romance (Sunny and Darrel)
  3. Cocky Romance (Max and Dawn)
  4. Cheeky Romance (Vanya and Hadyn)
  5. Prickly Romance (Dejonae and Sazuki)
  6. Bossy Romance (Nova and Adam)
  7. Fiery Romance (Island and Clay)
  8. The Re-Proposal (Cody and Clarissa)

Recommended Reading Order


Love Repair Series

  1. Earn Me (Stone and Nataya)
  2. Deserve Me (Dean and Jaz)
  3. Choose Me (Lee and Chloe)
  4. Trust Me (Graham and Hazel)
  5. Show Me (Calvin and Pax)
  6. Promise Me (James and Alayna)

Doc Exclusives

  1. Respect Me Part I (Jerrison and Harriet)
  2. Respect Me Part II (Jerrison and Harriet)
  3. Cover Me (Ashley and Santiago)

Fragile Vows

  1. Value Me (Patrick and Lizette)
  2. Value Me: Part II (Patrick and Lizette)
  3. Value Me: Part II (Patrick and Lizette)

Doc Academy

  1. Worthy Of You (Melody and Dante)
  2. Because Of You (Paula and Wayne)

Chronological Order:

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The Taming Series (Religious Fiction) 

Taming Mr. Jerkface 

Taming Mr. Charming 

Taming Mr. Know-It-All 

Taming Mr. Darcy 

The Seven Realms Series (Religious Fantasy)



Love & Reggae (YA Music Romance)

Mash Up 


Blast Out

Love In Many Shades (YA Best friends-Lovers Saga)

Cece & David 1

Cece & David 2

Cece & David 3

Cece & David 4 (2017)

The Vega Brothers (Sweet Romance Shorts)

Boyfriend By Blackmail

Boyfriend By Midnight

Boyfriend By Design

The Lovesick Series (Sweet Medical Series)

Loosen Up To Love

Shape Up To Love

Open up To Love (2017)


Scarlet (Sci Fi)

Whiter Than Snow (Sweet Contemporary Albino Man + Black Woman)

Married By Science (Religious/Reality Show Romance)

Oh No, He Didn’t (Sweet Cozy Mystery)

If You Were Me (YA Body Switch)

The Perfect Sting (YA/Art Thief)

Prove Me Wrong (Sweet Billionaire Romance)

Dorks R U (YA Romance)

Fool Me Never (Sweet Contemporary Romance Short)

Audrey’s Choice (Parallel World Contemporary Romance)

Tsea (Thriller)

From The Stars (Sweet Alien Romance)

River’s Journey (Alien Romance From Alien’s POV)

That Was Then (Thriller)

 Becoming Rachel (Coming of Age)


Love Vs. Loyalty

Where Love Lies

Where Truth Lies

Where Trust Lies

Caribbean Shifters (Shifter Romance)

Roar My Love 

Feel My Love

Oceans Of Love (Religious Fiction Romance)

Troubled Waters

Stormy Waters


Energy (YA Romance)

Maxine (Sweet Romance Short)

Holding On To Love (YA Romance)

Haley & Rylin (YA Romance)

Twist Out (Sweet Romance)

Desperate For A Date (YA Romance)

Take Mai Heart (Portal Romance: Mayan Era)

Guardian Pains (Ya Fantasy: Guardian Angel)

Subscribe To Love (Sweet Bestfriends-Lovers AMBW Romance)

Cut By An Angel (Thriller)

Keepsake Dare (Sweet Romance: Fulfilling Best Friend’s Last Wishes)

Ferocious Love (Sweet Romance: Talk Show + Security Guard)

Wherever Hearts Are Made (Coming of Age)

Collar Bend (YA Romance)

Bitter-sweet Memories

Sweet Surrender



Divided (YA Romance)

Split Point (Thriller)

Back To Us (Contemp Romance)

Something New (AMBW Romance)

Love Crossing (Coming of Age)

The Perks of Loving Lincoln (Friends to Lovers Romance)

Deceptive Charm (Gritty Romance)

Swept Away (Mermaid Novel)

Sunni & Theo (Secret Child Romance)

Chasing Daniel (AMBW First Love Romance)

The Bodyguard (Romantic Suspense)

Because of Cooper (Frenemies to Lovers)

The Good Brother (Found Family Romance)

The Switch (AMBW Friends-to-Lovers)

The Richards (Sweet Romance)

A Reason To Heal

A Reason To Grow (AMBW)

A Reason To Fall

Hopeless Love Series (Contemp Romance)

Every Tomorrow (Amnesia Romance)

Every Heartache (Enemies to lovers pregnancy romance)



Axle’s Secret (Romantic Suspense)

Unravelling The Hitman (Romantic Suspense)

Hidden Masks (YA Saga)

The Bad Boy’s Tutor

The Bad Boy’s Woman

The Bad Boy’s Wife

The Bad Boy’s Baby

Sweet Treats Series (Sweet Romance)

Joon Gi

Sun Gi



Caribbean Crush (Sweet Romance)

His Exception (Medical Romance)

Her Deception (Fake Marriage Romance)

The Complication (Friends to Lovers)

Grudging Hearts (Contemp Romance)

Forever Loving You

Forever Craving You

Forever Claiming You

2020 - 2022

Make It Marriage (Contemp Romance)

Be My Always

Be My Darling

Be My Wife

Be My Hope

Be My Bride

Be My Compass

Be My Reason

Be My Baby

Be My Revenge

Make It Marriage Universe 

Be My Forever

Be My Light

Be My Spark

Be My Lady

Make It Marriage Holidays

Be My Christmas Treat

Be My New Year’s Dream

Be My Valentine Promise

Parallel Love Series

Trapped In You

Caught In You

Bound In You

Love Repair Series

Earn Me

Deserve Me

Choose Me

Trust Me

Show Me

Promise Me

Doc Exclusives

Respect Me I

Respect Me II

Cover Me

Fragile Vows (Patrick & Liz)

Value Me I

Value Me II

Value Me III

Doc Academy

Worthy Of You

Because Of You

The Wrong Mr. Right

The Ex Proposal

The Ex Swap

The Ex Project

The Ex Wager

The Ex Games

Billionaire Dads Series

Grumpy Romance

Surly Romance

Cocky Romance

Cheeky Romance




Have We Been Introduced?

Hey there! My name is Nia. I was born and raised in the West Indies, which means I grew up swimming in the Caribbean Sea and I like my food seasoned to the heavens. 

Most of the time, I'm glued to my laptop, frantically typing out the love story in my head, but when I manage to slink away from my desk, I enjoy bawling over k-dramas, watching natural hair videos on YouTube, and listening to K-pop. 



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